The Paw Fund


PAWFUND (Pets & Wellness Fund) exists for a simple reason – even though the Bay Area has progressive animal shelters, animal rescue and welfare groups on every corner, and a compassionate and caring populace; even though there are spay and neuter programs and low cost vaccine clinics – veterinarians are seeing an increase in preventable diseases and shelters are overflowing with unwanted and abandoned animals. The problem is that there is hardly any support for people with low or fixed incomes or homeless people, seniors, the disabled and Veterans, or just regular folks who have hit a temporary financial roadblock and who have animals who need veterinary care.

It seems obvious to me – low cost and free, easily accessible spay or neuter, vaccinations, and emergency medical care should be available on a ‘public health’ model. So over the last 6 months, I established two programs funded generously by two donors. During December we spayed or neutered thirty four dogs, 75% of whom also received vaccines, microchipping or other services like hernia repair, dental and gum care, treatment for ear infections and dew claw removal. We accomplished all that for under $150 per dog!

And over the last quarter of 2010 I helped 47 animals with needs that ranged from bloodwork and other diagnostics, leg surgery, severe urinary blockages, Xrays, tooth extractions, to ear infections, skin conditions and a sock that was blocking a dogs’ intestine, and even euthanasia where there was no hope left. The average cost was just around $200 per animal because of the close partnerships I developed with veterinarians who worked with me to keep costs down while keeping care at a premium.

Working together with veterinarians, animal shelters and the community, The Paw Fund helps when and where it can, within a small budget. And every time we help a community member keep their animal healthy, or prevent unwanted litters, or protect it from fatal diseases like parvo virus or leukemia – we keep more animals out of municipal animal shelters or prevent them from being abandoned or euthanised because those are the cheapest options. One of the vets said it best ‘When we do this work, we are treating humans as well as their animals.’

But of course this work needs YOUR support. You can make a tax deductible donation to our sponsoring non-profit¬† and designate any donation in the ‘comments’ box as being for PAW FUND. That ensures that the SPAY/NEUTER PROGRAM & THE MEDICAL EMERGENCY FUND receives your gift!

Click on the PawFund link above, you download a PDF which gives a more detailed description of our work!


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